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Gibson County Health Department
If you are diagnosed as positive covid case, you have to be:
1) 10 days from start of your symptoms or your positive date of testing if asymptomatic.
2) fever free for 72 hrs without use of fever reducing medications.
3) must have improvement of your symptoms.
If you are a close contact:
Definition of close contact: within 6ft of a COVID positive patient for more than 10 minutes, exposed to droplets from a cough, sneeze etc of a covid patient. If you are close contact of a COVID positive patient, you MUST QUARANTINE FOR 14 DAYS. THIS INCLUDES ANYONE WHO GETS TESTED AND TESTS NEGATIVE. THE INCUBATION PERIOD IS 14 DAYS AND YOU MUST FOLLOW FULL 14 DAY QUARANTINE. IT SEEMS WE HAD SOME CONFUSION OR DISREGARD FOR THIS. PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES AND DO NOT PUT THE PUBLIC AT RISK!

Clarification to post related to exposure at graduation parties:
Deaconess and St. Vincent will not test anyone who is not symptomatic. If you are symptomatic you can call their triage line and see about getting an order to be tested. You can also call your primary doctor and see if they will give you an order for testing. If you are not symptomatic, you will have to go to the Optum testing site located at the Princeton 4H Fairgrounds. They will not be present Monday, June 1st or Tuesday, June 2nd due to the election. They will return on Wednesday June 3rd. You call call 1-888-634-1116 to register or can register online at You can call the Health Department if you have questions.


Information on Governor Holcomb's latest Back On Track reopening guidelines as of May 21, 2020:



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